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Business & Commercial Photography in Southern Oregon

Showcase your property like a pro!

Having a good collection of photos for selling your home, showcasing your hotel, or advertising your vacation rental can be the difference of closing the deal with the right client or not, or even getting them to reach out to you in the first place. Offering services for whichever architecture photography you’re needing, construction updates, aerial views, full video services, landscaping, and more. A custom plan for your professional photography will help you stand out above the rest and bring much more credibility compared to your competition. With a variety of services, we can work something together for any type of professional photography needs you have!

With standard packages for those looking to advertise your AirBnB or vacation rental, we include multiple year licensing with exactly what you need to show your property favorably. Due to limits of AirBnB and other vacation rentals, these packages are limited to photography, however if you manage your own website or booking agency, video services are available. Services offered are mainly focused for those offering full residences for rent or for multi-room properties/Bed & Breakfasts’, not just partial homes or individual rooms in a single family residence.

The base real estate packages are available at pricing to reflect the limited nature use of the photography and for quick turn arounds while maintaining a high professional quality. Additional services are available for those who are showcasing larger and more luxurious homes or businesses for sale. Keeping up with MLS regulations of marketing requirements, you don’t have to worry about any issues with the system. All additional services offered are custom made to your specifications with professional equipment. Videos and 3D tours are all done with high end Cameras and stabilizers, not a go-pro or 3d-cameras with limited resolutions.  These solutions can make for quick and easy results that can work for a majority of real estate offerings, however we strive for the best quality and more custom solutions, which is a premium product. We do have solutions for those on a variety of budgets, so reach out and see how we can work together on your project!

All our packages include the following:

  • Free Initial Consultation & Planning
    • Figuring out details such as
      • Room Features/Highlights
      • Exterior Environment
      • Lighting
      • Shot list
  • Business Licensing for Booking/Sales Websites
  • Online Proofing Gallery
  • 2-5 Business Day Turn Around

AirBNB / Rental

~20-30 Edited Photos
1-2 Edited Photos Per Room
2 Year Commercial License

Drone Photos

Starting at – $425

Real Estate

~25 Final Edited Photos
1-2 Edited Photos Per Room
1 Year Commercial License

Slideshow w/Music (“Walkthrough”)
Drone Photos/Video
3D Tour

Starting at – $325

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Premium Services

More than just Real Estate & Rentals!

There are more uses for building photography than many people realize, and we work with many industries to provide our services.

Are you a home builder or someone having your home built with a custom builder? We offer professional before photos, construction update photos, final completed photos, and detail photos throughout the process. Keep yourself up to date on the progress of the project and the quality of the craftsmanship.  From aerial views of the site to detail interior shots to having records of where pipes or trenches were dug for future reference can be invaluable.

Showcasing your commercial property or work site for a promotional video or testimonials are another service we provide.  Offering to get b-roll, aerial shots, and even full production services.

We offer a full 3d tour for your website, hosted on your own platform that doesn’t expire like other services.  All high quality professional photos and not using those quick 3d cameras, lets you showcase at the best quality outshining everyone and wowing your customers!

Reach out and lets collaborate to make something happen.


Drone Services

3D Tours

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