Travelling, dancing, living, and experiencing my life, photography brings about the moments I cherish. Focusing on people, but also enjoy branching out to landscapes, architecture, events, and anything that takes my own breath away. Capturing unscripted moments in the everyday or special occasions and transforming those to everlasting memories.

Aside from photography, I teach Argentine Tango, dance where ever there is music, love wine tasting, and spending time with good friends around Ashland, Oregon. Been known to play pool here and there, and if the opportunity arises, I love to get in a swimming pool and play water polo. Working full time for a family business, dancing and photography gives me a way to express myself.

Where I go, I love taking pictures of the amazing moments around me. From dance festivals, outings with friends, weddings, or just an evening out with my sweetheart, my camera and usually dance shoes accompany me. Without using flashes, and usually without those realizing I’m there, those genuine looks and laughter are caught by those nearby. Unobtrusive but approachable is something many photographers have a hard time accomplishing while out at events or in public. Years of dancing socially, performing, and teaching allows me to mingle and work in all environments.

I love photography and am glad you’re here to find out more about me and my services.  You can call me, use my contact form, or even feel free to message me on facebook. Let’s connect and and make this happen!

Reach out to me, tell me your passion, your vision of what you want to capture, and we will work together to bring that to life, with some amazing surprises caught along the way.